Specialist Markets

To further enhance our manufacturing range, it is our aim to offer to specialist markets. These markets are recognised as ones which require components to be produced to a very high level of quality reinforced by rigid documentation and control infrastructure. We feel we have over recent years built up the necessary infrastructure though our work with existing safety critical and MOD components.


Sime has for over 30 years been a leading manufacturer of high quality precision aluminium castings, including pressure tight, safety critical and all manner of non-standard and intricate castings for every industry that uses cast components

In order to ensure that we have the expertise in which to supply to these specialist markets we have acquired in recent months personnel who are specific to this field and have gained many years experience, they have performed in the manufacture and project management of many major projects including the supply to: Ilmor, Porsche, Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Jordan, KTM, Airbus, supplying safety critical parts, including crash boxes, cylinder heads, engine blocks, gear boxes etc.

We therefore feel that Sime are now ready to launch into these specialist component markets.

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